About Sharon Langford

image Sharon Langford November 2016

For the past 20 years I have been involved in personal development training – helping people to do things better, at work and at home.  My focus has been on goal setting, time management and life planning.

In 2012 I took a large dose of my own medicine and made changes to the way I work.  Having given up development training full time, I now work 3 days a week as an administrator and museum guide at The Aston Martin Heritage Trust (www.amht.org.uk) and spend the rest of the time honing my creative writing skills, gardening and finishing the restoration of my cottage.

I have written two e-workbooks:

  • ‘Planning the Life You Want’
  • ‘Walk! Don’t Run! – how to stay in a job you hate whilst you search for a job you’ll love’.

and have also had many articles published in my professional capacity as a training consultant (see list of titles at the end of this page).  My goal now is to get my creative and fiction pieces published either through magazines or to win some writing competitions.  In February 2013, I secured 2nd place in only the second competition I’d entered… I was delighted!  Since then I’ve been working on numerous short stories and have some ideas for a historical novel… all this whilst attempting to turn a building site back into an inspirational garden!

I am still available to write about personal development and life planning subjects.  If you are interested in commissioning me to write for you, please get in touch using the contact form below and we can discuss your requirements.

I have not blogged for a while but have left some of my blogs from my personal training life here for you to read – as I re-read them I felt inspired and uplifted and hope that they will do that for you too.

Sharon Langford – Published Journal Articles (2004-2011)

Teaching Expertise (now closed):

‘Exploding the Myths of Networking’ (Winter 2004); ‘Meetings, Meetings’ (Summer 2005); ’12 Resolutions’ (Winter 2005); ‘Rule Breakers or Rule Followers?’ (Spring 2006); ‘The Personal Development Garden’ (Sept 2006)

Community Times in the Value (Oxfordshire):

‘Fed up at Work? How to Make it Happier’ (January 2008); ‘Missing in Action – Whatever Happened to Common Courtesy?’ (Spring 2008)

Jump Ahead (Oxfordshire):

‘Get Motivated!’ (June 2008);‘Turn Holiday Dreams into Reality’ (July 2008);‘5 Steps to Success’ (August 2008);‘Back to School’ (Sept 2008);‘Stuck in Your Job’ (Oct 2008);‘Managing Your Life’ (Nov 2008); ‘Chasing Fools Gold – What do YOU want?’ (April 2009); ‘Reviewing Resolutions’ (May 2009); ‘Beat the Recession Blues’ (July 2009); ‘Moving on After Losing Your Job’ (August 2009); ‘7 Ways to Build Confidence’ (Sept 2009); ‘Just Say No’ (October 2009); ‘Uncertain Times’ (Nov 2009); ‘How to Survive Christmas Alone’ (Dec 2009); ‘Creating Business Resolutions’ (Jan 2010); ‘Survive & Thrive, Making Your Business Recession Proof’ (May 2010); ‘Climbing the ladder. Are you promotion ready?’ (July 2010); ‘Gritted Teeth’ (dealing with difficult people) (Aug 2010); ‘Business Blues – time for a new beginning?’ (Sept 2010); ‘Asking for a pay rise’ (Oct 2010); ‘Interview Techniques’ (Nov 2010); ‘The Office Party’ (Dec 2010); ‘New Year Blues’ (Jan 2011); ‘Time for Your Valentine – work life balance’ (Feb 2011); ‘Office Politics’ (March 2011); ‘Interview Techniques – Initial Nerves’ (April 2011); ‘Climbing the Ladder’ (May 2011)


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