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The Pursuit of Happiness

June 26, 2008

Is happiness something we just stumble on?  Can we go out and find it?  Is it there, but buried beneath everything else?

People around you can make you laugh, make you cry, love you and care for you.  Their presence can make you feel happy and I for one wouldn’t want a life where I didn’t have people around me who make me feel good. 

But is YOUR happiness really down to other people?  On bad days and dull days, it can feel like that. However, the stronger we can be in ourselves and the more we can create our own internal happiness, the more powerful (in a positive non-threatening way) we will be.  Being dependent upon others for our happiness is a slippery slope which leads to neediness and can, ultimately, push away the very people we feel we need in our lives.

Sometimes unhappiness can be driven by our attempts to make other people happy – how many times have you tagged along and done something because you felt you ‘ought’ to?  I wager that you’ll be a happier person choosing to spend that time on what YOU want to do.

Find some space for you and check out what makes you happy. And if you’re spending too much time trying to make other happy, stop and do something for yourself for a change.

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